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Compare some of the top benefits of each plan below and choose the one that best aligns with your goals and budget.

Pay Per Lead
See features
  • First Lead Free
  • 15 Photos
Good value
$69.99 $39.99/mo
See features
  • Unlimited Free Leads
  • 50 Photos
  • Direct Contact Information Included
  • Premium Phone Support
  • Competitive Ads Removal
  • Map Highlight
  • Placement in Featured Slots
Most features
$99.99 $79.99/mo
See features
  • Unlimited Free Leads
  • 300 Photos
  • Direct Contact Information Included
  • Premium Phone Support
  • Competitive Ads Removal
  • Map Highlight
  • Placement in Featured Slots
  • Photo-based Recommendations
  • Appearance in Multiple Cities
  • External Marketing
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Featured on Homepage

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Here are some top questions asked by our clients

Basic membership is our "Pay Per Lead" membership. The registration is free - you can add the information about your business to our catalog and our users will be able to see your profile when browsing all vendors in your specific category and location. Those brides interested in your profile will be able to contact you exclusively via our messaging system (note, that direct contact information such as email, phone, website and social media accounts is only displayed in profiles of vendors with premium accounts).

Your very first (and every fourth lead after that) lead is FREE and the additional leads are available for a small fee. If you get a paid lead, you will have a choice of purchasing the lead OR discarding it. Discarded leads are matched with other available vendors based on membership priority. In contrast, our vendors with premium accounts, can receive an unlimited number of free leads via our messaging system AND can be contacted directly via email, phone or social channels.

For the full list of benefits, visit our membership comparison table.

While we offer a generous free membership, here are the top 3 reasons you should try premium:

  • Unlimited leads: vendors with premium memberships can respond to an unlimited number of free leads whereas those with Basic memberships are limited to just a few free leads and must pay for each additional lead they would like to respond to.
  • Thousands more profile views: premium profiles are featured in multiple locations and across multiple pages throughout our platform. In addition, to being featured at the top of our business directory, premium profiles are also advertised in our wedding articles, planning tools, newsletters, social media posts, etc. On average, each premium profile receives several hundred to several thousand views each month (vs. single-digit views each free profile receives).
  • Direct contact information: premium profiles include direct contact information such as phone number, email, links to your website and social media accounts , so you get even more leads who contact you directly.

Premium memberships have many other perks too! For the full list of benefits, visit our membership comparison table.

Website and social media links are displayed in all of our premium (Silver, Gold, Platinum) vendor profiles.

Each premium vendor will get a personalized monthly analytics report outlining the number of visitors, leads and conversions they have received over the past month, as well as how they compare to other vendors in their category and location.

Finally, our Platinum members can take advantage of a dedicated marketing manager, who works directly with the vendor on their profile and advertising campaign for best possible results.

If you do not respond to an inquiry that arrives within 48 hours, we will match the user with other (similar) vendors.

We advertise all of our premium vendors at the top of our business listing and in featured slots throughout our site and social media: wedding articles, wedding planning checklists, AI-powered planning tools, newsletters, Facebook, Instagram, forums and more!

In addition, our dedicated account managers work with our premium vendors directly to create better-looking SEO-optimized profiles and develop and promote online content.

Here are some of our past examples of such content we developed and promoted:

Interview with Robbins Brothers

Interview with Michael Benson

Interview with Bridal Bliss

We offer listings across multiple regions to our Gold and Platinum accounts. You will be able to enroll in other nearby areas after you upgrade your membership.

Absolutely! There is no annual commitment and no cancelation fee.

Our phone number is (480) WE-WED-U-9 or (480) 939-3389. However, we limit phone support to our premium accounts in order to optimize both costs and support team's efficiency. We offer self-service and email options to vendors with Basic membership, so feel free to reach out to us via our Contact Us form submission.

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