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About us

Who are you?

We are a Seattle-based company that has been in business since 2009. During the first few years we operated on the West Coast only, but in early 2017 we received a round of financing and have since expanded to the rest of the US, and, most recently, Canada. We continue to grow quickly and plan to go overseas fairly soon.

Our growing team currently consists of designers, developers, writers, marketers, product managers and vendor managers. Many are located in the US, some are overseas, in Europe and Latin America.

Like many, we are passionate about weddings and bringing brides and vendors together to find the best match. However, what’s different about us is that we bring the latest in technology into the mix to make that process as easy and seamless as possible.

Our intelligent tools help engaged couples figure out exactly what they are looking for. We use computer vision, face recognition and other AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to learn our users tastes and preferences and match high quality leads with our premium (Silver, Gold and Platinum) vendors based on the users' tastes and budget. This highly increases the chances of the lead turning into a booking!

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