Who are you?

We are a Seattle-based company that has been in business since 2009. During the first few years we operated on the West Coast only, but in early 2017 we received a round of financing and have since expanded to over 20 different cities in the US. We continue to grow quickly and plan to go internationally fairly soon.

Our growing team currently consists of designers, developers, writers, marketers, product managers and vendor managers. Many are located in the US, some are overseas, in Europe and Latin America.

How are you different?

Like many, we are passionate about weddings and bringing brides and vendors together to find the best match. However, what’s different about us is that we bring the latest in technology into the mix to make that process as easy and seamless as possible.

Our intelligent tools help engaged couples figure out exactly what they are looking for. We use computer vision, face recognition and other AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to learn our users tastes and preferences and recommend those vendors that would be their top match based on their needs and budget.

Is my vendor account really free?

Yes, your basic membership is absolutely free, no strings attached. That means you can add the information about your business to our directory and we will never ask for your credit card if you want to keep it that way.

You might, however, reconsider and give a paid premium membership a try. The difference is quite simply in the number of leads you can expect. We spend time, money and effort to market our premium accounts directly on our site as well as to advertise on social media and Google. So, if you registered, and are not getting the number of leads you want, quite honestly, try a premium account for just a month – see what difference that makes!

Great, I registered! How many leads can I expect?

These numbers depend on many factors including but not limited to:

Your membership: as already discussed above, we actively promote our premium vendor accounts via a variety of channels. Thus, it is natural that premium members may receive a 100+ times more visitors to their profiles compared to those with a free membership.

Your profile completeness: the more information you offer in your profile, the more interesting it looks to our users. A profile with no photographs or detailed business information will attract zero leads even if we throw our entire marketing budget at it and bring thousands of visitors directly to that profile. It only takes a few minutes to set up a complete profile. You can also update the information and the photographs as many times as you like and check the analytics to see what works and what doesn’t.

Your reviews: we constantly run user studies with our target audience (i.e. brides) and reviews come up as the #1 reason why, after reviewing a profile, a user actually reaches out to the vendor for a quote. Our analytics also agree – great profiles with reviews are at least 70% more likely to get a conversion compared to great profiles without them.

Seasonality: this one should be familiar to every wedding vendor, so enough said here.

Check out our analytics feature to see keep track of your visitors, conversions and user actions on your profile page!

How can I appear in your featured slots at the top of your listing?

Our featured slots are generally reserved for Silver, Gold and Platinum accounts. We sometimes run promotions on our Facebook page that allow members with Basic accounts to be featured at the top of the listing for a limited time. Join our Facebook community to keep an eye out for those.

What if I have a question? Do you have a phone number I can call?

We do have a phone number. We limit phone support to our Silver, Gold and Platinum accounts in order to optimize both costs and support team's efficiency. We offer self-service and email options to vendors with Basic membership, so feel free to reach out to us via our Contact Us form submission.