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We are a Seattle-based company that has been in business since 2009. During the first few years we operated on the West Coast only, but in early 2017 we received a round of financing and have since expanded to the rest of the US, and, most recently, Canada. We continue to grow quickly and plan to go overseas fairly soon.

Our growing team currently consists of designers, developers, writers, marketers, product managers and vendor managers. Many are located in the US, some are overseas, in Europe and Latin America.

Like many, we are passionate about weddings and bringing brides and vendors together to find the best match. However, what’s different about us is that we bring the latest in technology into the mix to make that process as easy and seamless as possible.

Our intelligent tools help engaged couples figure out exactly what they are looking for. We use computer vision, face recognition and other AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to learn our users tastes and preferences and match high quality leads with our premium (Silver, Gold and Platinum) vendors based on the users' tastes and budget. This highly increases the chances of the lead turning into a booking!

Yes, your basic membership is absolutely free, no strings attached. That means you can add the information about your business to our catalog and our users will be able to see your profile when browsing all vendors in your specific category in your location. In addition, users interested in your profile will be able to contact you via our messaging system. However, the number of visitors and leads you can expect from a Basic membership is much lower compared to premium accounts and those vendors who choose to pay per lead.

Our typical visitor numbers (number of visitors we bring to your individual profile every month) are listed in our pricing table. In addition, once you register, you will be able to see the actual average number of both visitors AND leads for different types of memberships in your Analytics Dashboard.

For premium accounts, the number of leads is the number of users who requested a quote from these vendors via email, messaging, phone or their social media accounts. For basic accounts, the number of leads is the number of users who contacted these vendors via our messaging system.

If you are serious about your business and getting real high quality leads, your best options is either our premium membership or the "pay per lead" option. Both are backed by our moneyback guarantee - if you are not completely satisfied after 30 days or your first 3 leads, you get your money back!

"Pay per lead" is a popular option used by our vendors to get high quality leads. When a vendor signs up for this option, we market the vendor's profile both internally on the site AND externally (via Google, Bing, social media, etc.).

If you are tired of spending most of your time and money on lead generation, our marketing specialists can do it for you (far more effectively and with a much higher success rate). You save all of your time and you end up paying less than what you would have paid if you did it all by yourself! To prove it, we are willing to send you your first lead absolutely free. And after that, you only pay for each lead after the lead contacts you. There is no contract to sign and you can cancel at any time. Contact to give it a try.

We advertise all of our premium vendors at the top of our business listing and in featured slots throughout our site and social media: wedding articles, wedding planning checklists, AI-powered planning tools, newsletters, Facebook, Instagram, forums and more!

In addition, our dedicated account managers work with our premium vendors directly to create better-looking SEO-optimized profiles and develop and promote online content.

Here are some of our past examples of such content we developed and promoted:

Interview with Robbins Brothers

Interview with Michael Benson

Interview with Bridal Bliss

You can definitely still get leads even with a free membership! We have a number of vendor accounts with Basic memberships who regularly get leads and book weddings. Here are a few things you can do to help your profile visits turn into real leads:

Complete your profile: the more information you offer in your profile, the more interesting it looks to our users. A profile with no photographs or detailed business information will attract zero leads (even if you upgraded to a premium account and we sent thousands of visitors directly to that profile. It only takes a few minutes to set up a complete profile. You can also update the information and the photographs as many times as you like and check the analytics to see what works and what doesn’t. Note that for basic accounts, we do not display your direct contact information (such as email, phone, website or social profiles) in your profile, but interested users will be able to contact you via our messaging system for free (so make sure to watch out for notifications from us when a new user sends you a message).

Ask your past clients for reviews: we constantly run user studies with our target audience (i.e. brides) and reviews come up as the #1 reason why, after reviewing a profile, a user actually reaches out to the vendor for a quote. Our analytics also agree – great profiles with reviews are at least 70% more likely to get a conversion compared to great profiles without them.

Boost Your Rank: make sure to complete the steps outlined in Boost Your Rank tab of your vendor dashboard once you register. Doing this will increase your placement in Googles search results and attract more visitors to your profile.

Our typical visitor numbers (number of visitors we bring to your individual profiles every month) are listed in our pricing table.

We offer listings across multiple regions to all of our premium members (Gold and Platinum accounts). You will be able to enroll in other nearby areas after you upgrade your membership.

WeddingWire and TheKnot invest into marketing their main site and the catalog of vendors. We invest into generating leads for individual premium vendors on our site. When a user searches for "wedding photographer in Seattle", WeddingWire and TheKnot will lead the user to the catalog of several thousand vendors and your individual profile will be lost among those (if you ever marketed with these popular wedding sites... how many leads did you get?)

Unlike, WeddingWire and TheKnot, what we do is lead the user directly to your profile (with no distractions and no competitive ads), so there is a much higher chance for that visitor to turn into a real lead. And the best part - you do not pay unless the visitor really turns into a lead and contacts you for a quote.

Our phone number is (480) WE-WED-U-9 or (480) 939-3389. However, we limit phone support to our premium accounts in order to optimize both costs and support team's efficiency. We offer self-service and email options to vendors with Basic membership, so feel free to reach out to us via our Contact Us form submission. If you are interested in any of our premoium memberships or the "Pay Per Lead" (lead generation) option, please email us or leave a voicemail with your name, number and a brief message, and one of our account managers will get back to you!